MythicBLackCore … v2?

Yes! After over 4 years of creating proxies for the community, with the help of fellow proxy makers we’ve just updated our entire system and design to offer you an even better experience. 
Our gallery now feature the totallity of the card. Our card search is a lot more advanced And it’s not much easier to update your order!

Shipping and processing time of orders

We pride ourselves on our lightning-fast service! All orders are printed and prepared the NEXT business day, then shipped out the same day or the following one, depending on USPS’s schedule.
Please note, we do not operate during weekends. Shipping within the US typically takes 2 to 5 working days ($5), while international shipping ranges from 8 to 15 working days ($25). Rest assured, we ship to ALL countries and provide tracking numbers for all shipments. While we strive for efficiency, please bear in mind that delivery ultimately depends on USPS’s processing.
At this time, expedited shipping options are not available.


Can I upload my own card?

Absolutely. If you have a card you designed using our tool or type of site, we’re able to print it, cut it, and ship it to you.
You can upload 100s of cards at once. Make sure that your cards are sized 63x88mm.
If your card has extra margin around it (Bleed of 1/8th), simply toggle “Margin ON’ to make sure it fit our cutting board. Remember, you get what you see. 

What about double sided cards?

Exactly as the name says it, they are double sided! You can upload your own front and upload your own back. Or simply use the one we have in our database.
By using the GROUP system you can define custom backs for each group. It’s a great way to separate decks from the same order.


How does the proxy card feels?

Fantastic! We have over 30 000 subscribers, mostly clients, who constantly order from us and praise our quality.
Our card use German Black core 330 gsm, the same cardstock every TCG company uses! It’s Extremely ressemblant to the original cardstock. Once sleeved, there is virtually no difference in feeling. 
The quality of the visual entirely depends on the visual you pick, or the quality of the upload you send. So take your time and select the best visual available.

Return and cancellation

If your order arrives completely damaged from shipping, if your order get lost, if your order… is the wrong order. We’ve got your covered with a free reprint.
We do not accept cancellation once the order has been printed. 
We do not accept any returns as we print on demand, however, we will gladly offer you store credit for your next order if anything went wrong.
Our support is renown to be helpful and present along the entire process.